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Cambelt International Designs Single Piece Flexible Conveyor Belts

For over 50 years, Cambelt has provided durable and versatile conveyor belts and conveyor systems for a range of applications. Specifically, we build bulk material handling equipment including bucket elevators and conveyor belts specially engineered to move a wide variety of granular and powder materials efficiently. We serve industries such as, oil and gas, mining, paper and pulp, chemical processing, transportation, and others from our many locations throughout the United States and around the world. Our products stand out from the rest with our patented, single piece flexible conveyor belting. Continue reading

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Conveyor Systems Companies: With Quality Service

Manufacturing and supplying conveyor systems is a large task that often requires the cooperation of the company buying the conveyors. Because conveyor systems are such large and complex purchases, at least most of the time, installation is another common perk of purchasing one. Conveyor systems companies work hard to ensure their customers that they are receiving a system that will last years, and part of that assurance involves making sure it is exactly what the customer wants and they understand how to maintain it. All of this translates into one fact that all conveyor system companies thoroughly understand; the level of excellence they must maintain throughout the manufacturing, selling and installation of the conveyor system is high, but that is why they do well. Quality and excellence brings in the business. Continue reading

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Industrial Conveyors: The Special Cases

Industry is quite an expansive word; technically it means a business centered on a specific trade or manufacturing technique, which encompasses all of the production companies that provide commercial businesses with products to sell. Everything from automotive manufacturers to the manufacturers of toys or canned food or paper is all under the blanket of industry. So are places that do not manufacture but aid in the process, such as warehouses and shipping companies. Therefore, an industrial conveyor is not just one style of conveyor but a multitude of conveyors that are utilized in as wide a spectrum as industry itself. Continue reading

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