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Cutting Down Trees

Ever since we moved into my house many years ago there has been a huge tree in the backyard. The trunk on it was so large and it appeared to be two or three trees that had just formed together over the years. For the last few years no leaves grew on the tree anymore and we came to the conclusion that it was dead. A couple large branches began to fall in bad storms because the tree had become so brittle. It got so bad to the point that tree companies would stop by the house wanting to give quotes on the project because they could just tell that it needed to come down. Finally this past summer we got it cut down because we did not want it to eventually tip over and damage the house or any other surroundings. Continue reading

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Chips and More Chips

When my parents decided to build a house, they built it in the middle of a wooded area. It was a beautiful are, but contained far too many trees to fit a home, especially when that home had to contain four kids. So the first step, before the leveling of land and building could commence, was the removal of numerous trees. One by one they had to be chopped down and disposed of. Several were cut up and distributed as firewood for my uncles, grandparents and a few for us. The rest had to be removed, and for this chipper shredders were called in. Continue reading

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SSI Shredding Systems Produces Video Which Helps Educate School Children on Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal

SSI Shredding Systems of Wilsonville, Oregon has produced a five-minute instructional video showcasing the process of long-distance, waste rail haul systems using pre-load compactors. The video is being shown as an educational tool for field trip students visiting Northwest waste processing facilities. Continue reading

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