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FlexLink: Conveyor Components and Turnkey Solutions

FlexLink has been a leading global provider of conveyor components and automated product flow solutions since 1980. We have years of experience providing high-end conveyor system solutions such as chain conveyors and wide-belt conveyors to industries such as food, beverages, personal care, healthcare, automotive and electronics. Our solutions are known globally for reducing non-value adding operations, reduce waste and energy consumption. Continue reading

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The Many Uses of Chain Conveyors

A chain conveyor is a simple transportation unit that conveys a product from one place to another. Chain conveyors are different from other forms of conveyers because they have an open, chain-like weave to the conveyor, rather than a solid conveyor. Because of the open design of the conveyor, the unit is ideal for a variety of transportation methods in industrial settings, such as: Continue reading

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Slat Conveyor: A Chain Reaction

All good things can be improved upon, which is something crafty girls like me know well. When I first started learning how to knit, I did a basic stitch and was very pleased with the outcome. However, the next time around I wanted more of a challenge and also wanted to create something more delicate then my first project. So I tried a new pattern that better suit my needs. This same sort of logic applied to many machines and techniques within the industrial setting. One example is conveyors, which have a multitude of styles because certain industries have different requirements, so variances in design are made and a new type of conveyor is born. Continue reading

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Chain Conveyors: For the Heavy Duty Industries

The simplicity of conveyor systems is one of the major reasons they are used so often in manufacturing and shipping industries. The chain conveyor is one of the most popular models of industrial conveyors around, partly because of its simple design and easy maintenance demands. The other major reason is it is made of durable substances, which allows it to be utilized in heavy duty industrial processes that rubber based conveyors such as belt conveyors can not venture into. Continue reading

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Cleaning Chain Conveyors with Steam Power

Chain conveyor belts have uses in a variety of industries. Commonly, chain conveyors are used for transporting heavy loads from one place to another, transferring rocks and other materials in a mine, food processing, wood harvesting, agriculture harvesting and sorting, and in car manufacturing plants. No matter the use, eventually, all chain conveyors require cleaning. While there are several different cleaning methods out there, one of the best and fastest cleaning methods uses dry steam to clean the conveyor chains as they pass through the cleaner. Consider some of the following benefits of steam cleaners for chain conveyor belts: Continue reading

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Recommended Maintenance for Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors play a crucial role in assembly lines as well as other aspects of manufacturing processes in countless industries including the automotive and food processing industries. In order to keep productions running smoothly in these facilities, regular maintenance should be done for such conveyors. Some of these recommendations should be done every week, while others only need to be completed or checked once a year. One of the most important maintenance related issues is lubrication as poor lubrication can lead to a number of other serious problems. The following is a basic outline of the maintenance tasks that should be performed as well as further discussion and advice about proper lubrication for chain conveyors in various applications. Continue reading

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