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Astro Met, Inc., Providing Advanced Ceramic Solutions since 1961.

Since 1961, Astro Met, Inc. has been engineering and manufacturing advanced ceramic components from zirconia, alumina, zirconia toughened alumina, and machinable ceramics. Our products provide solutions to demanding wear, corrosion, thermal, and electrical applications. We specialize in precision tolerance advanced ceramic components in both prototype and production quantities. Continue reading

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Precise Ceramic Machining from Kadco Ceramics

Since 1980, Kadco Ceramics has been a leading supplier of diamond machining services. We pride ourselves on providing unique solutions for shaping hard materials, and we continue to look for new ways to serve our valued customers. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers work directly with our customers to assist with material selection, basic design issues, and engineering problems. Direct communication with our customers enables us to successfully satisfy our customers’ needs in quality, delivery, and price, and that is our #1 goal. Continue reading

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IQS Featured Profile: International Ceramic Engineering

Founded by Merrill W. “Bud” Higgins and his two sons in 1987, International Ceramic Engineering (ICE) is a family owned and operated company that has grown significantly over the last fifteen years. When it comes to our offering of performance plastic and advanced ceramic materials, quality is ICE’s number one priority. This commitment puts our customer first and promises consistency and reliability for all of ICE’s unique products. Each product is inspected to be sure it meets quality standards throughout the process, all the way from its design to its completion, resulting in parts and products with high accuracy, precision, and repeatability. Continue reading

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Ceramic Manufacturing: What Can You Grind?

Ceramic is a hard material that is used for a wide variety of applications. In many industries, ceramic is used to make heating elements, computer parts, circuitry, pipes, decorative objects, and much more. Ceramic grindings require a series of specialized tools depending on the type of project and what shape the final ceramic will have. In addition to ceramic, most ceramic grinding companies can also grind materials like aluminum oxide, carbon, ferrite, mullite, porcelain, gemstones, silicone carbide, quartz, and many other solid and composite materials. Continue reading

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Ceramic Manufacturing: Unlocking Our Past, Building Our Future

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology, I have grown accustomed to the fact that some of the things that I find most fascinating in this world may be a little bland to those around me. Conversations about ancient plant residue, migration theory, bones and ritual oddly enough do not always seem to pan out unless speaking with a professor or classmate. One area of cultural study that reaches beyond this limited group, however, is ceramic manufacturing. Museums around the world cater to public interest showcasing beautiful pots and figurines made of this inorganic, non-metal mineral compound which was first used as long ago as 24,000 BC. Though vast and impressive, our fascination with the material is not limited to its elegant history. The present and prospective future of ceramics introduces as much if not more intrigue than it’s well documented past. Continue reading

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