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Cardboard and Recycling

How often do you deal with cardboard on a regular basis? If you run your own business or have a slight shopping addiction, the answer is probably a lot. Boxes can help your everyday tasks in so many ways. Cardboard is helpful for wrapping gifts, delivering packages and so much more. They are so helpful when they are being used, but when they are not being used, they tend to take up a lot of room. Large and bulky, they can be hard to store, and once you no longer have a need of them, what do you do? Continue reading

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Cardboard Reduction

New recycling plants are opening constantly as recycling gains momentum. As they expand, new and even more efficient balers are being purchased. Many are even created to be geared towards a specific use. For instance, cardboard balers are designed specifically for, you guessed it, baling cardboard. A fact that I did not know is that we generate roughly two and a half pounds of diesel air pollution every time we empty the cardboard from the dumpster. This is a lot of pollution considering how often dumpsters tend to need to be emptied. Picture the amount of boxes going into retail stores daily, once those boxes are emptied they need to go somewhere. Continue reading

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Cardboard from Restaurants to Retail

While going to college I worked part time at a restaurant as a server. My sister meanwhile chose to work in retail. One thing they both had in common… they both received giant shipments every week. Boxes upon boxes would arrive. For me, they were filled with wine and food items, for my sister clothes, bedding and kitchen supplies. While the boxes were necessary for the delivery, afterwards they typically are not needed. A couple of my fellow employees would take advantage of the boxes, offering to take them to assist in moving in or out of dorms or apartments. But for the most part they were pilled up until they could be taken away. The garbage area would be overflowing, almost unable to contain any more. One thing that would definitely have come in handy, for both the restaurant and the retail stores, was a cardboard baler. Continue reading

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Instead of Jumping on Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard Balers

Cardboard waste is often hard to deal with. The pieces are large and awkwardly shaped making them take up too much space in trashcans, recycling bins and dumpsters. At one of my previous jobs, I used to have to jump on them to flatten them so they could fit. While it was fun to do most of the time, it could also be embarrassing and annoying. To battle this inconvenience, cardboard balers are often employed. While they are designed for baling cardboard and corrugated cardboard, often they can also be used for papers and plastics. Typically these balers are vertical, but in some cases they can be horizontal as well. Vertical balers tend to work best because they are better suited for the light materials. Continue reading

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Advantages of a Horizontal Cardboard Baler

When I worked in the warehouse at my local superstore I became quite familiar with our horizontal cardboard baler. I used it every day, multiple times a day to discard empty cardboard boxes after re-stocking shelves. With a storeroom full of products shipped and stored in cardboard boxes, and a constant flow of merchandise to the sales floor, we produced a lot of cardboard waste and there was often a line for the baler. Even though it was getting a little old by the last year I worked there, I could see the advantages of having a horizontal baler vs. a vertical baler. Continue reading

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