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The Calibration Services Market to Grow

Over the years there have been a number of advancements in the calibration services industry. There are various types of calibration services including: pressure calibration, electrical calibration, mechanical calibration, temperature calibration and humidity calibration to name a few. Pressure calibration is a common type of calibration process which gas and hydraulic pressures are measures through barometers, analogue pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, transmitters and more. Electrical calibration measures voltage current frequency and resistance. Electrical equipment involved with this style of calibration includes data loggers, loop testers, clamp meters, counter timers and more. Continue reading

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Why You Might Need to Recalibrate Your Speedometer

It is not a secret that no speedometer is 100 percent correct. Most manufacturers actually make them so that they fall within a slim tolerance range. Usually, this is not more than one to five percent too fast or too slow. But did you know that this tolerance range can change significantly throughout your tenure as a car owner? It is true that modifications can affect the tolerance range with potential harm to your vehicle or yourself. Speedometers need to maintained and calibrated at a level to ensure that the torque created accurately reflects speed. The ratios that measure this speed include gears in the drive cable, the final drive ratio in the differential, and the diameter of the tires. These ratios play a factor into some of the modifications that can throw off your speedometer. Continue reading

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Furness Controls: A Global Supplier of Calibration Services

Furness Controls is a manufacturer of ultra-low range differential pressure measurements devices. Our company has made multiple breakthroughs in pressure decay leak detection and laminar flow meter technology. Our experts at Furness Controls also provide on-site services including repair and calibration of equipment. Our low differential pressure products are ideal for various industries and applications including pharmaceutical, construction, research and more. Our high quality innovations can detect measurements between 0.01 Pa and 20 kPa. Furness Controls has greatly expanded over the years and there are Furness Controls products found in over 30 industrialized countries. Our worldwide headquarters is located in Bexhill, England with major expansions in Germany, France and the United States. Continue reading

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