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Conductix-Wampfler: Trusted Provider of Reels Since 1945

Cable Reels Conductix-Wampfler is the largest global producer of systems and equipment for transferring energy and data for applications such as cranes, people movers, light rail systems, amusements rides and other automated machines, as well as spr
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Hannay Reels Inc.: You Can’t Buy a Better Reel

Hannay Reels is a leading manufacturer of hose and cable reels for OEM and aftermarket applications, offering thousands of standard models and a wide range of custom capabilities. Superior manufacturing techniques, consistent quality and outstanding service result in the most durable reels available. Continue reading

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Cable Reels Keep Rolling On

You’ve seen them on the side of the road, at construction sites, maybe even in a friend’s living room. They’re cable reels and they have been used to hold and transport wires, electric cables, and fiber optic cables for quite a few years now. Resembling large sewing spools these useful tools can be broken down into four categories. Those categories are wooden reels, plywood reels, plastic reels and steel reels. Continue reading

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United Equipment Accessories, Inc. – High Quality Solutions, Affordable Prices

United Equipment Accessories, Inc. is a company that is known for our quality assured products. Our company has manufacturing roots dating back to 1952 when we were designing remote control kits for truck mounted cranes. Our efforts over the years have resulted in United Equipment Accessories, Inc. becoming one the leading manufacturers of slip rings in the world. Our proud company also offers a number of innovated solutions including: cable reels, shift controls and hydraulic swivels. Our products are engineered to meet all customer specifications and these items are created from CNC machining processes which results highly accurate solutions. Continue reading

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