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Avon Broach: Quality Since 1950

Avon Broach and Production Company has been a leader in the broaching industry since 1950 and continue to lead the industry thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction and our passion for the business. We pride ourselves on being able to tackle virtually any order from one piece orders to orders over a million pieces. Continue reading

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VW Broaching Service, Inc. – Providing Satisfactory Broaching For Over 55 Years

VW Broaching Service, Inc. is a premier manufacturer and supplier of high performance broaching machinery, keyseating technology and electrical discharge machining. We can provide a wide range of services for different markets and our engineers at VW Broaching Service, Inc. are eager to handle those complex projects. Over the years VW Broaching Service, Inc. has provided solutions for the smallest shops to large corporations. We have the skills necessary to handle all of your tooling needs and our competent staff offers quick turnaround. VW Broaching Service, Inc. can perform satisfactory broaching with a high degree of accuracy and all of our services are affordable. Continue reading

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Broaching and Arithmetic

Metalworking has always been a fascination of mine along with arithmetic. I have learned that if you want to be a successful metalworker you must understand the medium you are using along with the mathematics that go into calculating the results you desire. One particular style of metal working that intrigues me is broaching and more specifically rotary broaching, sometimes called a roto broach. Broaching can be tracked back to the 1850s. Since then we have advanced techniques and came up with new ones such as the rotary variety. Continue reading

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Introducing the Broaching Process

Broaching is one of those quick, painless and easy fabricating processes that work so well, no other methods have effectively replaced it since its invention. For those of you not well versed in the metal forming industry, broaching is a way of carving through metals to form holes that may be deep or shallow, complex or simple, internal or external-all within a few seconds. It was first developed hundreds of years ago to carve door keyholes and to cut keyways into different machinery parts. During the world wars, it was an integral part of the rifle making process, and today, broaching fabricates gears, pulleys and driveshafts as well as form internal and external threading on fasteners like nuts, bolts and screws. Continue reading

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