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How Hollow Extrusions are Made

Aluminum extrusion is the process of creating unique aluminum shapes through the use of machining and metal dies. Most manufacturers choose the extrusion process over other metal forming processes because it is easier to make complex or unique shapes through the use of aluminum extrusion. The aluminum extrusion process also makes it possible to create hollow extruded aluminum shapes, which are ideal for creating unique machine parts and other hollow pieces for a variety of uses. Continue reading

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The Extrusion Method That’s Right For You

Metal extrusion is a process by which a metal is pressed through a die in order to shape it, often into the form of an x. By forming the metal in this way the metal is made much stronger so it can withstand a great deal of weight. Additionally, once the metal is extruded it can be used as the inner structure of a variety of products. If you think of extruded metal looking a bit like an Erector Set, you can get a better idea of just one of the many uses of extruded metals. Engineers like to use it to construct models of larger structures, and they can easily bolt other metal pieces into the extruded metal shapes. Continue reading

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The Many Shapes of Aluminum

There are many structures and buildings in the world constructed, at least partially, with aluminum. Despite being a soft metal initially, when aluminum is alloyed with other materials, such as magnesium and silicone, it is quite strong and is highly resistant to corrosion over a long period of time, such as wind, rain and snow. In addition to this, is a highly attractive metal that can be easily cleaned— the stunning sheen of aluminum makes it especially good for various ornamental sections of a building. An example of this is Australian’s Parliament House, which is prized by its people as being the largest aluminum structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Continue reading

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Solar Panel Component Parts

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co. is busy making Solar Panel Frames and other Solar Energy components such as Supports and Structure Components for the Solar Panels, as well as Reflectors and Reflector Troughs for Solar Concentrators. Continue reading

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