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Aluminum Die Casting Company Specializing in Casting Solutions

Founded in 1950, Aluminum Die Casting Company has been meeting the needs of customers, vendors, and employees for all your casting and billet products. As a third generation family owned and operated manufacturing business, we understand the importance towards continued improvement, cost reductions, on-time deliveries, and 100% customer satisfaction. We are strategically located in Mira Loma, California so as to better serve our current customer base. Continue reading

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Is Aluminum a Precious Metal?

Aluminum is a recently-discovered metal that has only been in widespread use for about 100 years. Before the discovery of the best method to purify and extract aluminum from the earth, aluminum was considered a precious metal because of its difficulty to mine and purify. After the invention of the process currently used to purify aluminum, it was able to be placed into constant rotation and became the metal of choice for many uses, including die casing aluminum, aluminum molding, and aluminum spinning. Continue reading

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Sturdy Toys Really Do Endure

I have an older brother; he is five years older than I am, to be exact. As children we had very different toys; I had dolls and an array of plastic toys, he had action figures and about a zillion toy cars. As a good little sister does, I wanted to play with all of his toys. I was usually obliged. I loved playing with the die cast metal cars. They were the shiniest, fastest, and painted the best colors of all of his toys. Those kinds of toy cars are immensely popular still, and it was not until recently that I became curious about the process that constitutes the production of these little wonders. Continue reading

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Looking For New Lawn Furniture?

The aluminum pieces that result from aluminum die casting are used in a variety of industries. Recently, I discovered that aluminum die casting companies are using this manufacturing method to create aluminum lawn furniture in addition to things like household appliances and car parts. The process behind creating aluminum lawn furniture or any aluminum die cast product is relatively basic. Molten aluminum is injected into a machine called a die. That die contains a mold into which the metal will flow. The die then presses the aluminum with an incredible amount of pressure so that the metal fills all of the mold’s crevices. Once the pressing process is over, the newly shaped metal will be extracted from the die and then will move toward the finishing process. Often things like lawn furniture will be cast as a few different parts and then welded together to form a whole piece. Continue reading

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Is Metal Casting the “Most Fundamental” Industry?

On the North American Die Casting Association’s website, the association says that metal casting is America’s most fundamental industry. Is this true? Should you take a metalworking association’s word for that kind of statement? I think it’s impossible to evaluate one sector of the economy as “most fundamental,” but they’re certainly right that metal casting is an extremely important industry. Continue reading

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Why Cold Chamber Die Casting is Necessary

Professionals in the metalworking industry have found a lot of creative ways to take advantage of the metallurgical properties of the metals they work with. Today’s state of the art is the culmination of hundreds of years of studying the properties of metals and finding new and innovative ways to shape and form them into useful products. Die casting is one of the products of that process. Just as a recap, die casting is the process by which a shot of molten, nonferrous metal, such as zinc, copper, lead, aluminum or other metals, is inserted into a cavity. That molten metal is then forced into a specially-designed die by a piston that also causes the metal to become highly pressurized. This causes the metal to form closely around the contours of the die. When the metal cools and hardens, it is ejected and sent for additional processing if necessary. Continue reading

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