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LSP Industrial Ceramics: Offering the Best in Ceramics

LSP Industrial Ceramics is a manufacturing and stocking distributor of both technical and industrial ceramics. We carry a vast inventory of tubes, scrapers, bushings, and other products. We also offer custom parts. With access to our unfired materials, we can assure that LSP Industrial has the flexibility to supply you with the part you need. Continue reading

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C-Mac International: Your Source for All Things Ceramic

Here at C-Mac international we offer a variety of services such as sourcing, engineering and logistics. We work with multiple ceramic suppliers who have numerous years in the ceramic manufacturing industry. We use our connections and superior knowledge of the industry to help you find the most cost effective, fastest delivery, highest quality products on the market. We work with multiple suppliers to make sure you have the options you need. We work with Alumina, Steatite, Cordierite, MgO, and other ceramic materials. We will work with you to identify your needs and specifications in order to determine the best material for you. Continue reading

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San Jose Delta, Inc: Alumina Ceramic Manufacturer

San Jose Delta, Inc. has been a top manufacturer of high purity alumina ceramic materials since we opened in 1971. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered company located in Santa Clara, California. Our company prides ourselves on our ability to grind nearly all ceramics and ceramic materials in our expanded 25,000 square foot facility. Our facility features a modern and fully integrated grinding department that can process a variety of different materials. San Jose Delta, Inc. is an authorized distributor and precision fabricator of Corning Macor as well as a U.S. government approved beryllium oxide grinding facility. Continue reading

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Advances in Prothetic Limbs Enhance Motor Function Capabilities

The medical industry has seen many advances in the past hundred years. Diseases and sickness that were once deadly are now easily treatable. Faces can be reconstructed and body parts may be replaced with artificial ones. Prosthesis such as hearing aids, dentures, artificial hearts, lungs and limbs have prolonged the lifespan of some and improved the quality of life for others. Continue reading

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Alumina Ceramics Aid the Return of Personal Armor

There is a thousand year old tango between weapons and armor. It’s like there is an arms race between the two technologies. Armor is made to protect against weapons. Weapons are then improved to pierce armor. Armor is then improved to protect against the newly improved weapons. When I was younger I was fascinated with ancient and medieval weaponry & armor. I liked all kinds of armor, whether it is Roman lorica segmentata, Greek Mycenaean armor, samurai armor or plate armor worn by medieval & Renaissance knights. I was thrilled every time I had the chance to go to a Renaissance fair where I could see armor up close. Continue reading

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