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Wet Scrubbers Gain Attention

Each year the talk about global warming seems to be getting more buzz, attention and even new celebrity endorsers talking about this topic. The goal is to get more people educated and aware about the potential damage that global warming will bring to our planet in the future. This includes telling people ways that their individual actions can help stop this issue. Air pollution is said to be a major cause of global warming because of the amount of heat it brings to the atmosphere. Many machines release a lot of air pollution each day such as cars, lawnmowers, industrial machinery, toxic liquids and many more. The biggest issue tends to be in the manufacturing industry as they release the most air pollution by far. Because of this some regulations have been put in place to limit the amount of pollution that they can release. In order to do this, companies must use different methods or air pollution control to contain this issue. Continue reading

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The Great Smog of 1952 And How It Affected You

London has always been known for its foggy skies. The London sky has been an inspiration for many songs, served as the backdrop for many movies and is often the first thing anyone mentions about the city, but after an unprecedented event in the 1950’s, the historic skies also served as an inspiration for a clean air initiative called the Clean Air Act of 1956 that kick started the clean air movement. Continue reading

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Scrubber Disaster

While I was in college, I took a communications class that focused on issues overseas. During my time in that class, we watched a movie that I will remember forever. Being a business student, I had watched my fair share of documentary films about sweatshops, shady business practices and ethics. I’ve watched the exact same Wal-Mart movie in FIVE different classes; I can pretty much quote it word for word. What made this film different was that it told the story of how the small village of Bhopal, India dealt with a terrible disaster in 1984. Continue reading

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APC Technologies, Inc. – Providing Versatile Pollution Control

APC Technologies, Inc. serves a multitude of industries and applications including: adhesives, chemical plants, food processing, mining, power plants, metal fabrication, textile finishing, rubber parts manufacturing, waste water treatment, wood product manufacturing and much more. The staff at our company is highly trained and provides outstanding equipment to meet the most stringent air regulations. Our fairly priced services are designed with your needs in mind and our ultra efficient processing systems can control sub-micron sized particle emissions. Our company pays close attention to detail when manufacturing these state-of-the-art devices and the quality of our systems is assured. Continue reading

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A Rush For Air Scrubbers

Imagine for a minute that you are on a mission during the exciting Gold Rush of California in 1849. You have traveled days to get to the place where people are “striking it rich” and cannot wait to get started so you grab your sieve and head toward the river. You have a long day ahead of you that involves scooping up the soil, sifting it around and hoping that some gold is left in the pan. In this case, the smaller pieces of dirt that are not viewed as valuable are lost through the screen of the sifter and fall to the stream below. What is ideally left in your palm is a small portion of gold particles, which could mean a future homestead, medicine for your son who is suffering from the measles, or just enough to buy a pound of cheese for your family. Continue reading

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Air Scrubbers a Necessity in Water Damage Remediation Environments

When it comes to construction and restoration work in buildings or warehouses where there has been water damage, air scrubbers are necessary to combat air contamination that occurs in the process of solving water damage issues. Dust particles, ultra-fine dirt, and fungal spores become airborne when carpets, walls, and other materials are forcibly dried. Not only can this issue increase the overall cost of the job, but workers are put at risk of inhaling these pollutants. These allergens and toxins can linger after the building is reoccupied, causing health issues, complaints and, in some cases, can lead to legal action. One economical way to prevent this is through the use of air scrubbers as they reduce overall job time, and improve hygiene and safety throughout and after the remediation process. Continue reading

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