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Air Hoses and Broken Noses

Air hose reels are a convenient way to avoid a broken nose. Allow me to explain. I had taken my car in to a garage to get my tires balanced and an alignment done. Being friends with one of the guys that worked there I was allowed into the garage to watch them work on my car. I noticed the air hoses carelessly lying wherever they had been thrown, despite the fact that there were air hose reels hanging from the walls. It was getting toward the end of the day and one of the employees had started a game of keep away with a tire pressure gauge. While he was running away, trying to keep the tire pressure gauge as far away from the others as possible he neglected to notice the air hoses that were strewn about. Continue reading

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Air Stations as Gas Stations

Today gas stations offer a ton of extras on site besides gas to provide more convenience to their customers. Some of these features include car washes, air stations, snacks, beverages, lottery tickets, car related products, some grocery items, restrooms and some are even equipped with an in house fast food restaurant chain among many other features. Although some prices for items inside the gas station can be higher than a regular store, customers are paying for the convenience of the products being right there when they need them. One of the main features that almost every gas station provides is an air station for customers to fill up car tires, bike tires or anything that needs air. Continue reading

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Air Hose Reels In Industry

When the average person hears the word hose, they typically think of the garden hose in their backyard. Yet, this isn’t the only application for a hose. They can also be used to transport other items such as gas, oil or air. An air hose reel can actually refer to two different types of reels. The first option is a reel that is used to convey air. The other option is a hose reel that uses pneumatic power to reel or unreel the hosing. They are usually constructed out of metal, fiberglass or plastic. They can be found in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing and construction industries. In addition to these, they can be found in personal homes for different projects. Continue reading

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BRAWNY REEL UPGRADE Adding Structural Strength to Get the Job Done

Coxreels® introduces the brawny upgrade available for any hand crank and motorized 1125 Series hose reel. This new feature is an added option that strengthens the discs and the drum, preventing potential damage under increased pressure usage. Continue reading

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