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Cutting Edge Website Design from Cylinders & Valves, Inc.

As a small, family-owned business based out of Strongsville, Ohio Cylinders & Valves, Inc. has a history of supplying high quality small bore hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic valves to their customers. Because they are family-owned, they are able to put a focus on meeting their customers’ needs at every level of their business. They continue to push the edge of the industry and stay innovating in order to improve their products from overall product design to the way their products are displayed on their website. Continue reading

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IQS Featured Profile: Humphrey Products Company

Located in Kalamazoo Michigan, Humphrey Products Company is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic products that serve a wide range of industries throughout the world. Our company was established more than a century ago and our technology can be dated back to the mainstream growth of gaslight products in 1901. We have continued to produce products that are trusted by many faithful customers today. With a dedicated and knowledgeable staff of more 600 employees and with distributors located across the globe, Humphrey Products offers incomparable service no matter where you are based. Our company has enjoyed a fifty year partnership with Koganei Corporation, which is based in Japan and is one of the largest pneumatic product providers in the world. Continue reading

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Fluid Powered Rotary Air Cylinders

Rotary air cylinders are air cylinders that move air using a rotary motion. Usually, these air cylinders are powered by pneumatic or hydraulic power. These rotary air cylinders are known as fluid power actuators, because they operate best in fluid-like conditions. Both hydraulic and pneumatic air cylinders use similar principles to operate. Continue reading

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Rodless Air Cylinders Explained

A rodless air cylinder is a type of pneumatic air cylinder that has a long, rectangular shape and does not have a rod inside the cylinder controlling the air pressure. Instead, a variety of other mechanisms are used to direct the flow of air throughout the cylinder to power machines and vehicles just like any other air cylinder. There are three different types of rodless cylinders that use different mechanisms to control the air flow inside the rectangular box. Continue reading

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Air Cylinder Manufacturers: Why the Work Environment Matters

Air cylinder manufacturers are just like any other manufacturing company in the industrial product industry in that they need to try to go above and beyond every other manufacturer in their field. An important aspect of doing well as a manufacturer is creating a work environment where your employees thrive and the products thrive as well because of it. Air cylinders are pneumatic tools used in a variety of industrial settings for a variety of applications, and therefore are continuing to do well even though the economy is struggling. One of the elements that is going to set apart one air cylinder manufacturer from another then is going to be how well their workforce works together to produce quality products and how well their workforce works with the customer. Continue reading

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Pneumatic Cylinders: Air into Energy

The energy sources utilized in industry are varied, and some are better options then others for both financial and environmental reasons. Electric energy does not deposit negative toxins into the atmosphere but it does cost a bundle when used in the vast amounts necessary to energize a manufacturing complex full of machines. Oil and gas can be expensive as well as harmful to the air. However, these two most common options are not the only available. Pneumatic energy refers to using compressed air to fuel the actions of a system or machine. One such example of this energy efficient and low cost method is pneumatic cylinders. Continue reading

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The Traits of Rodless Cylinders

Air cylinders are utilized in enough contexts to have many styles for some specific applications. One such style is the rodless cylinder, notable for its lack of rod that is standard with every other air cylinder design. The traits of these rodless cylinders and the contexts within which they are used vary on the design as well; there are a couple major rodless styles that are very particular. Continue reading

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The Mighty Air Cylinder

In the world of air cylinders, size certainly makes an important contribution to the areas in which the air cylinder can be employed. An air cylinder is of pretty basic construction. Most commonly, there is a tube or cylinder with a plunger inside of it and the plunger recedes and pushed forward. The pushing forward of the plunger forces air out of the cylinder, and that forced air is used to control devices such as air brakes, for example. Additionally, air cylinders usually come in two different varieties, single-acting and double-acting. What is more, air cylinders are available in various sizes. Compact air cylinders, for instance, are perfect for use in areas of a machine where there is not a lot of room for a larger air cylinder like you might see on the back of a garbage truck where the trash is compacted. Continue reading

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