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How Air Can Improve Traditional Conveyor Systems

Traditional belt conveyors are highly useful in both commercial and industrial settings. Nearly every warehouse and factory uses some version of a conveyor. Packing centers use conveyors to transport packages, airlines use conveyors to move luggage, grocery stores use conveyors to move groceries, and factories use conveyors to move products from one place to another. Many factories use automatic conveyors to help products travel through automatic machines and slide products past human workers for quality control or to complete processes that robots cannot do. Continue reading

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When to Avoid Air Conveyor Machines

Air conveyors are wonderful pieces of technology that allow lighter objects, such as grain, pellets, sand, plastic bottles, plastic parts, and other lightweight materials, to travel from one place to another quickly. The machines also have flexible tubing that can fit inside nearly any factory design, which makes the air conveyors suitable for use nearly everywhere. The tubes also require little power compared with many traditional belt conveyor systems, and can also protect the material inside from exposure to outside contaminants. Loose materials also produce much less dust when moved via an air conveyor. Continue reading

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Air Conveyors for Plastic Bottles

Some plastic manufacturers use air conveyors to move plastic bottles from one place to another. These systems are ideal for use with plastic materials, because plastic bottles and containers are lightweight. They can also travel easily through tubes, which most air conveyor systems use. Some air conveyor manufacturers create conveyors designed specifically for use with plastic materials, making design adjustments that facilitate the movement of lightweight plastic as opposed to loose materials like grain or pellets. Continue reading

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Air Conveyors in Your Home

An air conveyor is any system that uses air to move an object from one place to another. You probably studied simple air conveyor systems when you were in middle school, learning about powering machines with air, such as by blowing an object across a table with a straw, or making a balloon-powered vehicle. These are fun projects that show children how simple conveyor systems work. In your own home, you have several air conveyance systems that power everyday objects. From simple fans that circulate the air in your home to more complicated machines, there are at least two ways that you use air conveyors in your home: Continue reading

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8 Places to Find Air Conveyors

Air powered conveyors are powerful machines that are useful for moving a variety of materials from one place to another. Depending on the type of conveyor, such as a vacuum conveyor or pressure conveyor, the types of objects that you can move with air-powered conveyors varies. Air conveyors have uses in the following industries: Continue reading

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