Recycling Garbage and Recycling Balers

Balers can serve so many purposes. They can compress and bale tires, recycling, garbage, agricultural items and much more. In baling items, those doing so are able to reduce their carbon footprint. The mass of the item is greatly reduced, and the items become more prepared for future recycling. By reducing the mass, the transportation costs are lowered and a great deal of space can be gained in landfills. And unless we want to live on piles of garbage or reduce our entire ocean to the fate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is currently facing… we need to make some changes. And investing in balers is a realistic step for many industries.

While many companies and individuals are able to see the countless benefits that balers can supply, a common issue faced is the start up costs. Balers can be a slightly large initial investment and while they will be able to make up for the initial costs quickly, some are unwilling to pour so much money into something so soon. It can be especially hard for smaller or lower income companies. One solution to this dilemma is investing instead into a used baler. Many companies are able to offer used balers and baling equipment in addition to their new products. Many of these are refurbished and able to work just as well as the new ones, but are also able to save you money if you are unsure if a new product is necessary.

Horizontal balers are a common choice for many industries. These balers are larger and able to compact a wide variety of heavy items. The horizontal aspect of the name is due to how these models are loaded on one side and the materials are pushed to the other side of the machine by a hydraulic arm. A used horizontal baler can provide all of the benefits of a new baler, at a much lower start up cost.

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