IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Custom-Pak, Inc.

by Breana Cronk-Moore, IQS Editor

The average person encounters dozens if not hundreds of blow molded plastic components in their usual day to day interactions. Plastic bottles, molded cases, stadium seats, play houses and more saturate daily living, necessitating the production of quality, efficient plastic parts. Since 1974, one company has proven itself to be the industry leader not only in the production of these and other blow molded parts, but in the manufacture of the most efficient blow molding equipment available on the market today. Custom-Pak, Inc. is a global force with 6 blow molding facilities in North America along with 3 supporting operations allowing for design and mold making, equipment building, and compounding and recycling. The ambitious undertakings, irrefutable reputation and continued success of the company can be attributed to their near 40 year history of technical superiority and ever advancing capabilities.

The company has earned a key position in the blow molding market, with much of Custom-Pak’s growth over the years coming through referrals and repeat customers. Custom-Pak, Inc., unlike so many large corporations today, holds both clients and employees in high esteem, allowing them to collaborate and create unique solutions to the most complex design and engineering challenges. The result is a multifaceted blend of technology with function and style. The latest innovations from the company allow for even tighter tolerances and more dependable results. Even the most intricate parts are made faster and with better quality as the company explores fresh avenues for blow molding, new technology and enhanced materials.

Already environmentally conscious, Custom-Pak looks ahead to new blow molding materials that offer both the functionality required of industrial applications and the environmental responsibility that is increasingly important to markets around the world. In this effort and in others, the company constantly makes improvements in their daily operations, staying at the forefront of technology and cost saving new material opportunities. This is easily achieved by a company that has already been a proven source of durable, high quality blow molded products and equipment as well as a responsible recycler for decades. Providing toys, cases, house wares, sporting goods and more to the global community and for the environmentally aware; Custom-Pak offers clients the complete package.

Image provided by Custom-Pak, Inc.

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