Holidays Full of Custom Blow Molds

Come holiday season, neighbors and friends contest to see who is more committed to a particular holiday than the other. I already know I’m going to be that dad on the block trying his hardest to scare the trick-or-treaters every Halloween; whether I will prove successful, only time will tell. It is that neighborly one-upmanship that drives people to prove they have more holiday spirit than the other. Part of the American Dream demanding you have best looking lawn on the block to prove you are successful. That or they really do love the holiday but whose counting?

I absolutely LOVE holiday yard decorations; more so when I was a child but I still have a soft spot for the plastic reindeer, graveyards, ghouls and Santas. If you couldn’t tell, I’m mainly referring to Halloween and Christmas decorations. Other than one or two things on Easter, I can’t think of and yards transformed for any other holiday. I used to beg my parents to buy more tacky items so we could fill our yard to the brink with them. My mother would always respond “it is better to be tasteful” as I stare at the only tree in our yard with Christmas lights on. I didn’t want tasteful, I wanted tacky and overdone, but what can you do? However I will admit, what we didn’t have outside, we made up for on the inside.

We wouldn’t have all these glorious holiday decorations if it wasn’t for custom blow molding. Well, maybe we would but yards wouldn’t be able to fill up every inch of space with plastic snowmen or what have you. It takes a unique mold in order to make these special decorations to order. Companies that offer custom blow molding use a die casting machine to manufacture the mold needed to produce the particular product. A lot of these Christmas and Halloween yard sculptures are probably mass produce but it takes a special degree of commitment to get something custom made.

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