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2015 Master List of E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions Choosing an e-commerce solution can be a daunting task, regardless if you are a retailer who is just getting started selling online or an experienced seller with a robust inventory. Since each e-commerce solution comes with i
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New York Manufacturing Sector Showing Growth in May

The state of New York has seen both growth and decline in the manufacturing industry the past two months. The month of May was an encouraging time for manufacturers in the state of New York. According to the Empire State manufacturing index reported a +3 in May. Continue reading

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New Premier Pack Video

Watch the new video by Premier Pack International! Continue reading

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Beekeeping with Cardboard

Do you know about the versatility of small cardboard tubes? There are hundreds of uses for the tubes, from housing toilet paper, paper towels, mailing tubes, and other commercial uses to a variety of other uses, such as insulation for pipes and a variety of other uses inside factories and manufacturing plants. Continue reading

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Paper: The Building Material of the Future

With the recent trend of environmentally-friendly building and products, many companies are looking for new ways to create innovative and environmentally friendly products that customers will love and use. One of the most environmentally-friendly products that has been around for ages is paper. Even though paper does consume trees, it is easy to recycle and reuse, and as long as enough new trees are planted, the cycle can continue without end. One recent trend is to incorporate the use of more paper products into non-traditional products, like lighting, clocks, furniture, and now, even entire buildings. Continue reading

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Rolling Along: Forming Wall Siding

Roll formers are used to form a variety of metal pieces. A roll forming machine uses a series of rollers to gently shape a metal sheet into the desired shape. Roll forming is often used to create railings from lightweight metals like aluminum. Roll formers also create other shaped sheet metal pieces, like roofing pieces and wall siding. Continue reading

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Try Magnetic Deburring

A deburring machine can take the rough, unfinished edges of a metal piece and smooth them away to create a finished product that can perform its intended function. When machining metal parts, many machines leave unwanted burrs and slivers of metal on the outside edges of the part. Deburring the parts removes the unwanted pieces and exposes the final piece. Continue reading

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Blasting Effectively On the Move

Media blasters come in a wide range of sizes and styles for a variety of applications. One of the most common media blaster styles is the popular sandblasting cabinet. Inside this cabinet, materials can be sanded and cleaned by spraying them with a high powered air blaster that sprays the object with tiny sand particles or other particles to remove dirt, paint, and other contaminants. Continue reading

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Prehistoric Peening and Today

Many industrial manufacturing techniques can be linked with prehistoric methods that were effective in their own way, particularly so considering they were all done manually. Our thriving mechanical and technological modern day has improved upon these early techniques for working with metal and other natural resources, creating more easy and efficient methods to get the same jobs done. One example of this evolution is shot peening equipment, which is a type of sandblast equipment specifically designed to strengthen or toughen up the surface and structure of a material, whether in its raw fabricated form or the shape of its final product. In prehistoric times this method simply involved hammering a metal with another metal, causing an excellent type of stress that strengthened rather than weakened the material. This original form of shot peening was done manually for long periods of time to get the desired effect. Continue reading

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Dorstener Wire Tech: Over 25 Years of Wire Mesh Excellence

Located in Spring, Texas, Dorstener Wire Tech is an experienced manufacturer of welded galvanized wire mesh and wire cloth products. Our parent company, Dorstener Drahtwerke, has been in business for more than 200 years, and we have over 25 years of our own experience in the wire mesh industry. With so much experience behind us, our ISO 9001:2008 certified company has developed unrivaled expertise in the field and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. We fully utilize our experience to provide customers with superior products and services. Continue reading

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M.P. Metal Products: Roll Forming Flexibility

M.P. Metal Products is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of roll formed products. We have specialized in roll forming since 1965, and with 35 roll formers we can manufacture many different shapes including metal channels, trim, profiles, framing, and much more. An extensive stock of common shapes allows customers to find simple solutions to their roll forming requirements, but custom roll forming is our real specialty. Dedicated engineers offer their design expertise, and we offer several value added services like slitting, punching, and stamping to assist customers in finding solutions for their unique or special applications. Continue reading

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Conventional EDM

Conventional EDM is also referred to as Sinker EDM or Ram, and uses an electrically charged electrode to burn shapes and holes into metal components. The removed material is washed away by a continuous flush of dielectric fluid. This process is used for the most part in the tool and die industry. Materials of varying hardness or toughness can be machined in this way as long as they are electrically conductive. Aerospace and electronic applications also use EDM for materials that are difficult to work with, if they have small/odd angles for example or need to be machined with intricate contours and cavities. Continue reading

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Sinker EDM and the Automotive Industry

On my drive to work (and anywhere else for that matter) I rarely think about how exactly my car works or all of the different parts that are required for it to function properly. I know there is a lot to it, and parts are manufactured in various places then sent to be assembled, but how do they make the parts? How much work is involved in each individual product? Most parts require quite a bit of work. One of the methods to make parts or the molds for parts is sinker EDM. It is used to make precise, complex parts for a variety of different industries, one of which is the automobile industry. Continue reading

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The Easier Way to Cut Tough Metals, EDM Cutting

One of my earliest childhood memories is a small wood model boat my dad would work on every once and a while after work or on a rainy day. I believe he started working on it shortly after I was born. I’m twenty two years old now and the boat is still sitting on the living room floor unfinished. It is comprised of what seems like thousands of tiny little pieces, each need to be hand cut and formed perfectly. When finished it will be an amazing, complete model ship scaled down to three feet, but I most likely will never see it. The problem is the pieces are so small that it is difficult to cut. A piece of the wood could break and he has to start over, a piece could warp or curve wrong if the glue doesn’t hold perfect and it would have to be thrown out. For my dad, every piece must lay exactly as it is meant to, or else it wouldn’t be a real model. Continue reading

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The Stainless Steel Tanks and the Modern Microbrewery

Microbreweries are fast becoming a staple of the American city. The area in which I reside boasts close to twenty of these facilities, each one creating a different type of beer. Many of the buildings are now designed or reconstructed to show off the inner workings of the brewery. Walk by one of the newer establishments and chances are there will be large plates of glass where a wall would normally be, and inside you can see giant tanks complete with their own staircases. Continue reading

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Sanding and Painting Decks

Spring is finally here! Which means it is time to finish up the spring cleaning, and begin touching up the house and yard, things that those of us in Michigan are unable to do until the warmth begins to set in. For my family, this is the year the deck finally needs to be re-done. The railings need to be repainted and the flooring needs to be sanded down and refinished. This is definitely not my favorite task in the world, but it does make my dad more generous about letting me use up way to much gas driving around in the boat, so I will sacrifice a few days lending a hand. Continue reading

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A Childhood Filled with Great Toys

There are a lot of materials that make up the composition of children’s toys. Today, the majority of kids’ toys are made of plastic or some kind of plastic composite. In the 1980s, however, more children’s toys were made of metal. As a young child during that decade, I had a lot of toys made from metal, and one of my most cherished toys was my Lite Brite. It was a simple metal box with a light bulb inside of it. Covering the light bulb was a panel of perforated metal. It came with black sheets of paper, something akin to construction paper, and small, colored plastic pegs. The paper had patterns on it and you could either follow the pattern or create your own picture by forcing the pegs into the holes of the perforated metal. You would turn off the light, switch on the Lite Brite, and the picture you made would glow colorfully. Continue reading

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While In the ER

A few months back, I got my fingers smashed in a door while trying to pull myself out of a very cramped back seat. In hindsight, I never should have placed my hand on the metal section in between the front and back seat, because my friend who was getting out of that front seat didn’t look behind her when she slammed the door shut. What made the whole situation worse was the automatic locks. My fingers were smashed in the door for over a minute before I got them out. On the way to the ER I was surprised by how undamaged they seemed. Although they ached, the pain wasn’t so bad either. Even if it had been bad, I don’t think I would have minded since the ER waiting room was such a fascinating place, full of people and products that completely took my mind off of the pain of my bruised and sprained fingers. Continue reading

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Handle Any Project with ACE World Companies, Inc

From Fort Worth, Texas comes ACE World Companies, Inc, the premier leaders in overhead cranes and electric hoists. Since 1987, we have been supplying the industry with American-made, custom designed material handling solutions. ACE World Companies’ calling card is that we can handle a variety of projects quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, we are known for our commitment to innovation throughout the industry. We are internationally diverse, expanding outside of the United States into other parts of North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our company is dedicated to making sure that our customers are getting high quality products at a premium price. Continue reading

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Dust Collectors on the Gun Range

Action Target has been working with Carey’s Heating and Cooling to bring dust collecting systems equipments technology to the gun range. The goal is to bring ventilation systems that will improve the safety of gun ranges around the nation. Supposedly, every time a bullet collides with a steel bullet trap little amounts of bullet fragments or dust is generated from the impact. The dust collection system is needed to clear the air that is brought into the chamber with the bullet. Continue reading

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