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Clean Rooms International, Inc.: The Cleanroom Workstation Provider

Clean Rooms International has been designing and building a wide variety of cleanroom components, workstations and air handling equipment since 1982. We provide our high-quality engineered products to multiple industries worldwide. With our experienced professionals on hand we are able to provide our customers with more effective solutions, from concept to completion, meeting the most unique and unusual needs. Continue reading

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Top Manufacturer of Vacuum Systems in America.

National Turbine Corporation has been in Business since 1991 and we manufacture the highest quality air and gas handling blowers and exhausters, central vacuum systems and accessories to meet the most demanding system requirements. We combine top quality equipment with personal attention to your specific needs to provide you with the products and systems best suited to your unique application requirements. Continue reading

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General Air Products: “Quality and Service Since 1936″

General Air Products is an experienced leader in the process cooling and compressed air equipment industries. Since our inception in 1936, our company has manufactured and engineered exceptional water cooled chillers, medical chillers, heat exchangers, pumping systems, and other fluid handling equipment. We carry a huge selection of standard fluid handling equipment, but we really specialize in custom and special products. A staff of expert engineers is always ready to work with customers to provide outstanding solutions to some of the most challenging requirements and applications. It is no wonder our company lives by the motto “Quality and Service Since 1936.” Continue reading

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Gloves for Winter and Other Types of Gloves

As the winter chill continues to creep in for the northern states, and reports for possible snow begin to sneak into our weather forecasts, most of us have already begun to prepare for the winter ahead. This means pulling out all of our winter wear such as coats, hats, scarves, boots, mittens and gloves. All of these objects are able to keep the snow and cold off of our skin when the need to walk out doors arises. And when I hear gloves, this is what I always picture, a way to protect my hands from the freezing cold. Yet, this is not the only use for gloves. Another possibility for them is to prevent static buildup. While winter gloves might be incredibly advantageous for those embarking into the winter weather, an anti static glove can be incredibly useful in protecting workplaces from electric static discharge or ESD. Continue reading

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Fighting ESD

Electric static discharge (ESD) is not the most fun thing in the world to come into contact with. ESD is the transfer of electrostatic charges from one object to another. If these to objects become separated a shock can be the result. While it may have been cool in elementary school to place your hand on the static ball that would cause your hair to immediately stand on end, in reality static electricity has the potential to be very dangerous. The result of contact with ESD could be a painful electric shock, interference, permanent damage or failure of products. A simple way to avoid issues such as these is grounding straps. Continue reading

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A High-Pressure Business

I imagine pressure gauge manufacturers do not lack a clear cut customer base spanning a wide range of businesses and needs. Within every properly equipped industry, building and home, more than one kind of pressure gauge is required, ranging in color, size, type and intention. Continue reading

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Following the Rules with ASME Tanks

There is a reason why we have rules in this world. If you’ve ever taken a history class, you know what happens when a society or group has not yet implemented and enforced a system or that society’s system has been overrun and done away with by revolution, war or apocalypse— chaos; rampant crime, death and a total lack of functionality. With all due respect to our fellow anarchists, human beings— as a collective whole— must be given a list of rules to live by and held accountable for their actions. We are too unpredictable as a species to have a general assumption that everyone can be reasonable, that everyone can be an appropriate, functioning part of society. In that way, human beings are like pressure tanks; the potential danger we can create if some little screw goes loose or one little crack in the system goes unnoticed is extreme in either case and therefore both people and pressurized pieces of equipment need a list of rules and regulations to follow. For tanks, this is called the ASME rules and regulations, which are managed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Factories with Sticky Silicone Rollers

Silicone rollers have a variety of uses in the industrial world. The rollers are used to squeeze liquids from textiles and other products, used to smooth and flatten materials, and even used to clean conveyors and other machine equipment after use. Silicone rollers provide many benefits to factories all over the world due to their unique properties. Continue reading

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Electric Motor Solutions Announces New Line of Stock Motors

Electric Motor Solutions announces a distributor agreement with Power Tech Electric Motors, LLC, Overland Park, Kansas for their line of AC motors. Electric Motor Solutions will market this new line of stock motors under their PTEM Series of AC Motor Solutions. These products are equipped for handling a number of applications including air compression, high efficiency oil well pumping, premium efficiency inverter duty, as well as, general purpose and special purpose for fans, blowers, farm equipment, conveyors, etc. Here at Electric Motor Solutions we extend the factory’s standard 2 year warranty on material and workmanship. The motor products are built to UL and CSA standards by ISO9001:2000 compliant certified factory and all carry the CE and CCC label plus the special purpose and the premium efficiency motors also carry the CSA label. Continue reading

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers Serve Housekeeping to Production Needs

Industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers employ experienced sales and support technicians and design engineers to assist clients in choosing the right standard equipment or in meeting custom needs from concept to completion. Established companies like National Turbine Corporation and Vac-U-Max boast installations worldwide in places such as schools, colleges, major production facilities and even car rental facilities, for everything from general housekeeping to improving the efficiency of production. If you are looking for just the right type of industrial vacuum equipment, a company like this can help. Continue reading

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Appreciating Turntables and Tilters

When I think of turntables a dance club comes to mind. While club-goers are meeting one another, dancing with one another, ordering drinks from the bar and moving around a lot, there is one person responsible for keep the beat moving in the building, the DJ, or disc jockey. He (or she) stands behind the speakers and computer sitting on the table. He mixes the beat and shuffles the songs using only his hands and a turntable. This is why it’s so loud and you can never really get to know anyone at a club, but it sure is fun to go!
Turntables also serve a purpose in industry. While industrial turntables are significantly bigger, they still serve the purpose of rotating something. In the industrial world turn tables are assisting in the movement of material goods, not a music disc. Continue reading

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How Hose Reels Help Your Operation

The next time you walk onto your worksite take a look around and see just how many hoses are being used. Now, take a closer look at where the hoses are being stored. Are they maintained in a neat and orderly fashion? Are they positioned where they can be easily accessed when needed? Or are they lying on the ground possibly creating a tripping and safety hazard? Continue reading

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Protecting Your Stuff over Spring Break

With Spring Break already here for the college crowd and approaching quickly for the high schools, it is probably just the right time to talk SB ’12! Travel and luggage are two important concerns around this time, especially for Michiganders who are ready to throw their stuff together and head south as soon as the final bell rings. While the college kids pull out their Vera Bradley’s or overstuff their backpacks and gym bags, many adults are taking a little more care of their packing. Many have experienced the roughness in handling that can occur at airports and are unwilling to take the chance with some of the merchandise we plan to travel with. In situations such as these, a great solution is investing in an ATA case. These cases are stamped with Airline Transport Association’s approval, deeming them appropriate for flight travel. Continue reading

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Bag Houses Use Fabric as Filter

Bag houses are highly cost-effective and efficient methods of dust collection, offering a typical fine particle capture rate of more than 99 percent. Common materials used to make bag houses include cotton, glass-fiber and synthetic materials. Like cyclone collectors, bag house collectors are incorporated into large dust collecting systems of industrial facilities, often located outside and connected to the interior through ductwork. Bag houses can be used in conjunction with cyclones when there are larger media that needs to be separated by the cyclone before the dirty air enters the bag house for further filtration. Continue reading

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Maintaining the Cleanroom Standard

Cleanrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share in maintaining a cleanliness standard. The level of cleanliness varies based on what types of items are being produced in the cleanroom, but there are many general cleaning principles that apply to all cleanrooms. Continue reading

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The Crusaders of Lean Manufacturing

Originating from a Japanese methodology known as the Toyota Production System, lean manufacturing centers around eliminating waste. By reducing non-value-adding work, overburden and unevenness, systematic problems are exposed. Tools are adapted to different situations and only used where the ideal cannot be achieved. Continue reading

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Tolomatic, Inc. – Excellence In Motion

This manufacturer creates low costing actuators that are easy to use and come with the support of highly trained engineers. Tolomatic, Inc. understands the importance of manufacturing custom solutions which is why this industry leader will work with customers to create unique actuators, caliper brakes, gearboxs or any other type of motion control device. This company is proud to say that over 35% of their business comes from non-cataloged products. These state-of-the-art products are integrated with various attributes that allow for superior functionality and smooth operation. Tolomatic, Inc. works hard to find the best possible solutions for their valued customers. Continue reading

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High Pressure Solenoid Valves: An Overview

A solenoid valve is a special kind of valve designed to move fluids from one place to another without causing overload. A solenoid valve has two special chambers that open according to a pattern or in response to other factors. The solenoid valve can direct the flow of a liquid to facilitate the movement or use of the liquid, such as to operate a liquid pump or control the gas flow in a vehicle. Continue reading

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Finding the Right Roller Table Material

Roller tables are a type of positioning stage. The provide low-friction movement to heavy and/or awkward loads. They can be found in industrial automation equipment, fiber optic systems, semiconductors and material handling industries. When choosing the perfect roller table, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. One of the decisions that must be made is what material it should be made of. The material will determine how well the product will perform in its application. Continue reading

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Benefits of Custom Roll Forming

A custom roll former can create a variety of customized roll formed shapes for a huge range of applications. Many companies can benefit from customized roll formed parts over stock roll formed parts to receive parts that are completely customized and fitted to their unique uses. Many roll forming companies can create custom roll formed parts for less than you might think. Continue reading

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