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Alpack Plastics: Provides an Extensive Selection of Plastic Boxes

We are an industry leader with experience dating back to 1978. There are a number of benefits customers will receive when they select Alpack Plastics as their supplier. Located in Centerville, MA, we are a global supplier of a large selection of plastic products. These uncompromising solutions are engineered with high quality materials and designed for a multitude of applications. We are a trustworthy source for plastic items and we are proud to say we have the largest line of plastic containers in the country. With over 1,000 stock sizes we are a reliable supplier. Continue reading

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Tejas Plastics, Inc. Offers Custom Extrustion Blow Molding

Tejas Plastics, Inc. is a leading extrusion blow molder specializing in large parts and custom designs for a number of industries including: automotive, electronic, government, home & garden, medical, plumbing supplies, sporting goods, playground equipment, transportation, welding supplies and more. This global supplier of premium blow molded products offers plastic solutions at an affordable price and their processes are ideal for long or short run production. Located in San Antonio, this proficient manufacturer will quickly deliver your high quality products. The teams at Tejas Plastics, Inc. are dedicated to providing their customers with only the best plastic solutions. Continue reading

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AZ Industries

From its humble beginnings in founder/inventor Les Adam’s garage in 1972 to its position today as a leading manufacturer of custom permanent magnets, AZ Industries has always taken pride in being a one stop shop for any and all of their customers’ magnet needs. No order is too large or small, too simple or too complex. AZ industries does it all including coated magnets, magnetizers, demagnetizers, sub-assemblies, plastic molded magnets, pressed magnets, precision ground magnets and private label packaging. All products are made proudly right here in the U.S. and are built to meet specific requirements in fields such as retail trade, laser, automotive, aerospace, musical, medical and many more. Continue reading

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IQS Featured Profile: Workplace Systems, Inc.

Workplace Systems, Inc. serves a wide variety of markets including education, industrial, scientific, commercial and government with products from work benches to laboratory furniture. Our manufacturing facility located on a 15-acre site about an hour north of Boston includes a metal fabrication and powder-coating lines, tabletop laminating plant, electrical assembly, packaging, and shipping facilities, along with R&D and administrative/sales departments. With nearly all manufacturing taking place in the facility, we are able to ensure tight quality control and fast service. Another way that Workplace Systems is able to efficiently offer the highest quality products is through the use of the most up to date and state-of-the-art technology and fabrication equipment. Continue reading

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Level Sensors: Innovations and Improvments

Manufacturers who utilize level sensors most often take extra measures to ensure there are no unwanted containments or particles introduced into their applications. One interesting innovation in the level sensor field to help keep out these undesirable substances is a threadless level sensor. This product is designed to tighten from the outside a tank or pump and is capable of track liquid levels with an accuracy of +/- 1 mm. A similar innovation is ideal for applications where zero substance contact is preferred. This product can monitor levels from outside the walls of the container and is beneficial for applications where biohazardous materials may be present. These innovations can be pre-programmed with customer specified level ranges. Continue reading

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Storage Racks: How Mobile Racks can Double Storage Space and Efficiency

If your operation facility could vastly improve with more storage space or more space in general for offices and manufacturing, movable racks or racks on tracks could be the right solution for your operation. Switching from static racks to movable racks can double the space of any facility. The use of static racks means having several wide aisles that often take up more room than the goods themselves. Mobile rack systems, however, utilize nearly all of the floor space in a facility. In these systems, pallet racks are mounted back to back on bases that travel on tracks that are laid into the floor. This means there is just one moveable aisle that can be created between any two racks, providing for maximum density without conceding selectivity as no pallet needs to be moved in order to access another. Continue reading

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Quality Industries, LLC: Manufactures Affordable High Quality Products

Quality Industries, Or QI Rotomolding, strives to provide the highest quality products on the market. Our company has over 50 years of manufacturing experiences and we offer a number of outstanding products. We are continuously investing into the latest technology which results in highly precision made solutions. Quality Industries puts a focus on meeting our customers’ needs. Our engineers are willing to work with you through designing, tooling and producing your products. Our experts are proficient in a number of processes including: rotational molding, assembly techniques, fabricated & welded assemblies, ultrasonic welding, rapid prototyping, SLA, SLS FDM, CNC machining and reverse engineering. Continue reading

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American-Newlong, Inc. Provides Reliable Packaging Machinery

In 1986 our company sold the very first robot palletizer in North America. Since that time American-Newlong has improved our systems which have resulted in smoother operations and greater energy efficiency. Our products can palletize a variety of different materials at various speeds. Over the years we have provided solutions for a number of industries and applications including: food, fertilizer, grain, chemical and much more. Stationed in Indianapolis, IN we can quickly deliver products. Our highly trained staff is available to assist customers with determining the best packaging machinery for their needs. You can trust American-Newlong to provide outstanding palletizing equipment. Continue reading

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Cold Shot Chillers Provides Versatile Water Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers manufactures a wide variety of chiller systems. Cold Shot Chillers has industrial experiences since the late 1970’s and our company has developed several innovations over the years for the plastic processing, food & beverage and metal finishing industries. Our products are designed for durability and cost effectiveness. Our engineers can easily custom build any machine to fit the needs of a particular application. We are a disciplined manufacturer of superb water chiller technology. Our dependable water chillers are long lasting and simple to maintain at a very affordable price. Continue reading

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Plastic Die Cutting Market Trends

There are a number of industries that are constantly evolving based on the needs of the market. Various items can serve as a catalyst of innovation for an industry: new inventions, consumer demand and even legislative changes. The die cutting industry is an example of a field which has been greatly influenced by newer technologies as well as the strong demand of eager consumers. One type of product has especially made an impact on the die cutting industry: smartphones. Smartphones are so widely used today that nearly every generation of has assimilated these devices into their daily lives. Continue reading

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IQS Featured Profile: International Ceramic Engineering

Founded by Merrill W. “Bud” Higgins and his two sons in 1987, International Ceramic Engineering (ICE) is a family owned and operated company that has grown significantly over the last fifteen years. When it comes to our offering of performance plastic and advanced ceramic materials, quality is ICE’s number one priority. This commitment puts our customer first and promises consistency and reliability for all of ICE’s unique products. Each product is inspected to be sure it meets quality standards throughout the process, all the way from its design to its completion, resulting in parts and products with high accuracy, precision, and repeatability. Continue reading

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Process Cooling Equipment with Thermal Care, Inc.

Providing industrial process cooling equipment to a global market, Thermal Care is a prominent figure in our industry. With an ISO 9001:2008 certification we manufacture chillers such as portable chillers and our central centrifugal compressor with meticulous attention to detail. Serving industries such as die casting, water jet, chemical and pharmaceutical with our products we are committed to seeing our customers through, from design to delivery. Thermal Care employees possess the knowledge and even specialize in customizing our process cooling equipment to fit each customer’s individual requirements. Continue reading

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Embossing Machines for Varying Applications

Many different industries use embossing machines in a variety of applications. For this reason, there are several different types of embossing machines to suit each specific application in the best way. The type used usually depends on the material or the surface that is being embossed. Rigid and hard surfaces like aluminum or steel usually require heavy duty machines; where as other embossing machines may be better suited for flexible and/or soft materials and surfaces such as leather and cardboard. There are also hand held embossing machines that are often used by bookstores, government offices and schools. Ideal for seals of authenticity, hand held embossing machines work by two plates pressing together to make a single design. Continue reading

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Pollutions Systems: Pollution Control

With headquarters in Houston, Texas; Pollution Systems has been an industrial titan when it comes to air pollution control. They have been leading the industry in the design, manufacturing and installation of high quality, cost effective air pollution control systems and equipment. Pollution Systems offers a wide-ranging list of on and off site amenities including equipment maintenance and repairs, media replacement and equipment commissioning and inspections all of these as well as many others. They provide the technical experience to come to your facility and assist in the re-evaluation of your current system in order to check its efficiency and reliability. Continue reading

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Keeping Things Green: B&W MEGTEC Systems, Inc.

Established in De Pere, Wisconsin; MEGTEC Systems, Inc. has been focused on sustainability and the environment since our inception over forty years ago. We are one of the leading companies in the air pollution control industry and we strive to uphold and maintain that reputation long into the future. With over six hundred employees on four continents we are prepared to help you no matter what your need, no matter where you are located! Through our efforts MEGTEC Systems has reduced our carbon foot print significantly and has made sustainability a backbone to every process we offer. Continue reading

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Deburring Machinery with American Charm: OTEC Precision Finish

In 1996 OTEC GMBH opened in Straubenhardt Germany. A short couple years later in 1998 OTEC Precision Finish opened its doors in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. As OTEC’s North American partner OTEC Precision Finish has all of the exceptional products that OTEC has, but right here on American soil. Here in the United States, we offer free sample parts for testing at our facilities in Rhode Island in order to better serve you. The deburring machinery that we offer is delivered to many companies in many diverse industries around the world. Continue reading

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Polytec Plastics, Inc.- Plastic Extrusions Since 1973

Polytec Plastics, Inc. is committed to manufacturing the highest quality plastic extrusions available. Our engineers offer a multitude of benefits and value-added services to our customers. Our plastic items are engineered for uncompromising performance and long-lasting operation. We have been manufacturing high quality solutions since 1973 and we are eager to assist any customer with their plastic needs. The plastic extrusions industry is consistently changing as the demands for plastics evolve. Customers have a variety of suppliers to choose from and many turn to Polytec Plastics, Inc. for a variety of plastic channels, rods, strips, tubing, pipe, profiles and more. Continue reading

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Timco Rubber: High Performance Rubber Extrusions

Timco Rubber is an industry leader who has diligently manufactured high quality items since 1956. Timco Rubber is proud to report a customer satisfaction index of 95.2 percent. Through every interaction this company is striving to satisfy the needs of their customers. This global supplier is a single-source manufacturer of trustworthy rubber extrusions from rubber gaskets, seals, tubing and much more. Timco Rubber strives to exceed OEM performance and provides creative solutions for a number of industries including: transportation, construction, recreation, automotive, heavy equipment, appliance, HVAC and more. If any customer requires a specialized item then the engineers at Timco Rubber can easily accommodate those needs. Continue reading

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Jackson Oven Supply, Inc. – Versatile Electric Ovens

Jackson Oven Supply, Inc. has been developing outstanding oven equipment since 2002. Over the years this manufacturer has designed and created superb oven supplies. Jackson Oven Supply, Inc. strives to exceed customer expectations by offering unprecedented services. This company will quickly delivery all products and they can install these innovations in a timely manner. Their highly trained staff can provide customers with on-site training to assure all customers are properly trained to successfully operate these machines. This company even offers services to perform preventative maintenance on your systems which greatly extends the lifetime of these items. Continue reading

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Intek Corporation Offers Energy Efficienct Infrared Heaters

Intek Corporation is a creative manufacturer of industrial space and process heating units. Intek Corporation has over 35 years of experience and we are working hard to develop the newest technologies in our industry. We have patented the technology for highly energy efficient electric infrared panel heating devices which are more versatile compared to conventional electric space heaters. Our outstanding heating elements can be engineered with customers’ production goals in mind and the professionals at Intek Corporation are well-versed in designing our infrared heaters to match application requirements. You can count on Intek Corporation to supply only the best! Continue reading

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