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Shipping Cases: From Here to There

Although we are in the era of technology where 99% of our communication and product information can be shared over the internet we still have a need for tradition shipping of physical goods. Whether you buy something online and have it shipped to your house or your company sends a large order of its products, physical mail is an everyday necessity. As we all know, when shipping a product it must be protected. The best way to protect the products is shipping cases. Depending on the object or products being shipped the corresponding packaging has to be adequate. The design, material and functionality must all be optimum to have the best possible shipping case while reducing the likelihood of damaging the goods. Continue reading

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Many Uses of Medical Tubing

Plastic tubing is used in almost any industry. It is used to transport water, heat, and other materials to important destinations. Perhaps the most important application of plastic tubing is when it is used in the medical field. In those cases, ensuring that equipment is functioning and performing properly can truly be a case of life or death. Medical staff must be absolutely sure that their materials are going to perform safely and not pose a health risk to the patients or the environment in which they are used. Continue reading

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Creating Quality With Hydroforming

Chances are, many of the things that you use or come in contact with on a daily basis were made using a hydroforming process. The car you drive, the bike you ride and the airplanes you travel in all use hydroforming to build their products. Hydroforming is a cost effective process to shape metals, and it possesses many characteristics that make it a popular manufacturing choice for many different products and applications. Continue reading

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Functions of Industrial Drums

When industries ship supplies, products or cargo there are only a few options for liquids and hazardous waste. Most times a pallet cannot contain the shipment in an efficient way so a different solution must be found. So what do you do if this cargo is liquid or is hazardous and you have an over abundance that needs to travel to a new destination? In this case, an industrial drum may be the answer. The drums will fit onto a pallet and because of their size, four usually fit perfectly thus helping with even weight distribution. These containers peak a variety of interests across industries and some industries you may not expect. Industrial drums are easy to store and come in a variety of materials and shapes to fulfill almost any unique need. Continue reading

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Rotomolded Tanks: The Possibilities are Endless

Rotomolded tanks are a common product found in many different environments. Specifically speaking, rotomolded tanks are hollow vessels that are fabricated from thermoplastic materials and are used to store a large variety of materials. They are commonly used, and a favorite for many applications, because they are impact resistant and offer a extensive range of possible designs. The rotational molding process is favored among producers because it offers a relatively inexpensive and efficient way to produce a number of different plastic products. Rotomolded tanks are the crowd favorite however, and with their virtually unlimited number of uses, it is not hard to see why they have such a loyal following. Continue reading

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Aluminum Grating, Flexible & Rigid

Almost nothing stays static from the date of if its inception, which is also the case with gratings over the course of history. Gratings are porous objects that allow for air, liquid or small solids to flow through them. Grating drain covers and vents can be dated back to ancient Rome. Here they were used for ventilation in the streets, homes and bath houses. This was a huge technological advancement that changed sanitation systems in the ancient city. The functional purpose of grated drains has not changed. Grating allows for flow through the porous material, but the materials that compose the grating have changed. The simple stone construction of ancient Rome can now have a vast array of patterns and be customized into any shape. Today, one of the most common materials for this construction is a bountiful metal. Continue reading

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NEW LED Lights Boast Greater Efficiency and Adaptability For Workstations

Sovella, a respected leader in the workstation industry, has announced a new line of LED light fixtures that are sure to impress! This new addition comes from the effort to constantly provide their customers with innovative products that meet their current needs. Continue reading

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Ultrasonic Tanks: Versatile and Vital

Ultrasonic cleaners are used in a number of different industries. They serve as a way to clean equipment and products through a process that involves little to no effort from an operator. Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves to produce
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The Thing About Power Transformers

Over the past year, there has been a lot of interesting news concerning the status and activity of our sun. Constantly being reported are solar flares, and the potential damage that it could cause planet Earth, especially our electrical devices. In particular, this means our power transformers. Transformers are something we use everyday, but do not always think about, however with these new developments, they have been on minds a great deal more. When I first heard of the activity, I thought this is made up, something from science fiction and not true. Hearing people talk about it, the idea was the sun could emit such large emissions in the form of solar flares that all of our transformers could blow, reeking havoc on our grid systems and leaving all of us without power for months or years. While it sounds slightly far fetched, the possibility does exist, luckily for us it is a relatively low one. Continue reading

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Ball Screws: 360º of A Perfectly Straight Line

Turning rotational motion into linear motion has been sought after for a number of years. Two gears can easily work together in order to produce a linear motion or in the case of a rack and pinion. However, this method is not as compact as another linear motion created by ball screws. Lead screws are sometimes confused with ball screws, but are not always able to be applicable to all situations ball screws are used. At the end of the 19th century a number of people tried to replace sliding friction mechanisms with ball screws similar to the present engineering. However, not until the mid-20th century were modern ball screws adopted widespread for a precise functioning purpose. Overall, the design is relatively simple which makes it perfect for the precision instrument it has been designed to be. Continue reading

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Mezzanine Systems Are On The Rise

Storage problems can, and do, affect any industry. Many times, a company will simply outgrow the current space they have to conduct their business, and will look for possible improvements and solutions to this problem. In many cases, this means moving office facilities, or building a costly expansion on to plants and factories. Both of these options have the potential to be extremely expensive and very time consuming, and are not always the best way to solve the space problem. Although in some cases, a million dollar expansion is definitely necessary and beneficial to business, other times it is not essential, especially when your storage problems are on a significantly smaller scale. For these types of storage problems, there must be a way to solve this issue without the hefty cost of an expansion or move. Continue reading

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The Importance of Gas Detectors

Leak detectors are important in any climate, season and time of year, but it does seem that they become increasingly important during the cold holiday months. In these months, people seem to use their stoves to cook and their heat to warm up their homes for family parties and events. The excessive use of these appliances is expected during these months, and it is important to know the safety measures and precautions that could save your home from a unforeseen disaster during these happy times. One of these disasters could stem from a leak in one of your heating or cooking systems. Knowing all about the various forms of leak detectors, and their importance, could one day save your home, as well as your life. Continue reading

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Water Filtering Systems Sustaining Life

Water is the most important substance to people. Not only do people need to drink water everyday, but human bodies are primarily made up of water. Therefore, it is extremely important to every person’s body that clean water is consumed to keep the body healthy. The answer to getting clean water is water filtering systems in cities, towns and in some cases houses. Water is not only filtered for drinking purposes but also manufacturing, service industries as well as leisurely activities. Some industries that rely on clean water are food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical companies. Therefore, there is a surplus of reasons why it is imperative water is filtered before its use in many applications. Continue reading

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Precise, Plentiful, Progressive Stamping

Have you ever wondered how small metal components were made? There are several different procedures to customize metal parts, but one method is extremely influential for a plethora of industries. Looking at the intricacies of the small metal pieces it is obvious that a machine would have to create them to have a vast efficient output. Progressive stamping is a machining method used to create small metal pieces and components for a number of industries. The designs in the dies can be as simple as one or two die stations to create a simple washer. Additionally, the production line may consist of a series of dies to manufacture obscure customized shapes to fit one specific purpose. Regardless, progressive stamping is an important manufacturing process to multiple industries. Continue reading

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The Benefits of Laminated Glass Are Clear

People come in contact with laminated glass every day, even if they do not realize it. Every time you gaze out the window at work, or spot that red light from a mile away in your car you are looking through laminated glass. Every time you visit a bank, their windows and doors are made using laminated glass. That shower door you slam closed each morning is made possible through the use of laminated glass. Laminated glass serves many different purposes, and the characteristics that make up its composition often translate into valuable benefits. Continue reading

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Newsroom Green Industry Article – The Future of Green Packaging

Over the past decade there has been trend in American to follow a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Whether or not people believe in global warming, there is a rising consensus that a healthier planet translates into a better quality of life for both current and future generations. Food companies and restaurants have remolded their business plans to incorporate more organic ingredients and shifted toward more sustainable packaging in order to reduce waste. In fact, most areas of the packaging industry are moving towards more creative packaging designs that are recyclable, renewable or biodegradable. With disregarded packaging making up one third of the United States total trash this shift will have a serious positive impact on the environment. Continue reading

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Evolution of the Diode Laser

A laser or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation device is a common tool in many industries. The electrical energy produced for the laser is converted into light energy or photon energy and is tunable for a vast variety of procedures and tasks. Though there are many types of lasers diode lasers are commonly preferred as well as the most abundant laser. Diode lasers can consist of double heterostructure lasers, quantum well lasers, quantum cascade lasers, VCSELS and more. This type of laser has versatile capabilities that rival the quality of any other laser produced today. However, diode lasers are fairly new, only being in use for 50 years. Continue reading

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Collecting Dust With Cyclone Dust Collectors

In the manufacturing world, keeping a close eye on the level of dust in the air is essential. Ensuring that the workers are breathing in safe air is an important factor that the company does have control of, and an extremely important one to regulate. Breathing in dust not only causes potential health problems, it also leads to equipment malfunction and reduces the appearance of a factory environment. Continue reading

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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) takes pride in providing high quality environmental test chambers. With over 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing environmental test chambers, our ISO-9001:2008 certification goes to show just how much we value quality work. Always in search of new improvements and processes, CSZ is known throughout the industry, as a respected and dedicated brand. Continue reading

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Up to Date with Search Engine Marketing

Unless you force yourself not to use the internet for a day odds are at some point you will be online for work, pleasure, curiosity or some sort of need. Search engines are the avenue to find our desired interests. Both organic searches and paid advertisements catch our attention. Therefore, in order to be noticed a company must have a powerful internet presence and solid marketing plan. The internet has made the world a much smaller place and as a result has increased industrial competition over the web. We are entering the fourth quarter of 2012 with 2013 right around the corner. It is time for industrial businesses to analyze their 2012 marking plan and adjust for the upcoming year. Continue reading

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